Building a company that creates a legacy

Slatewell is a modern, integrated software platform for trust and estate operators. Our mission is to empower trust and estate professionals to optimize their practice and meet the needs of their clients.​

Slatewell is a Garden

We Sweat the Details.

We are all gardeners. We all pull weeds, water the plants, and don't assume someone else will. We Sweat the Details and know that it takes weeks of care for seeds to sprout.

Communicate Intentionally

Everything deserves a pitch.

We start with the written word and believe Everything Deserves a Pitch. We always assume good intent, especially during a drought.

Care for People

Be Who You Are

We want everyone to Be Who You Are, because we bloom brightest when we embrace the creativity and weirdness in us all.

Focus on Results

Small Wins

We thoughtfully put our efforts where we see the most value, but aren’t afraid to put our hands in the soil. It takes a year to harvest the fruits of our labors, so we embrace the Small Wins along the way.

Matt Goldberg
Founder & CEO

Matt is the founder and CEO of Slatewell. He spent 8 years in product management at B2B and consumer software companies like Betterment and Zola. Prior to his product experience, Matt worked as an economic consultant, advising corporate law firms on complex antitrust and competition litigation. Matt studied economics at the London School of Economics and Boston University

Imran Brown
Founder & CTO

Imran is the founder and CTO of Slatewell. Imran has 9 years software engineering experience from Amazon, Squarespace, ADP, and other industries. Prior to Amazon, he worked with the CEO of Squarespace and other key stakeholders to create the current experience of website editing on the Squarespace platform. Imran earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a specialization in information assurance from Stony Brook University.

We are a B2B SaaS company backed by top VCs, with a vision of a connected ecosystem of estate planning experts and stakeholders, depending on Slatewell for collaboration, automation, and a shared source of truth.

Our platform streamlines the client experience, creates new workflows, and enables better financial decisions by lawyers, wealth advisors, and other stakeholders on behalf of their clients.

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